Notice of Default List

 One of the best way we have found to do this is by tracking and working  the Notice of Defaults.  This is a system we have refined and truly sets us apart from other agents.

Here’s how it works.  When people have a mortgage and become behind on their payments, their mortgage company will record a Notice of Default with the county. This is what triggers them to show up on our list and where we really shine.

An agent at Rogers Real Estate will knock on the door of the homeowner that is behind on their payments.  We have a supportive conversation with them as it can be a very difficult time.  There are many reasons someone can become behind such as divorce, medial bills or loss of a job.  Our goal is to help them understand that they have options.

Through our conversations with the homeowner we let them know that we have a buyer for their home.  We contact the bank who holds their mortgage and work through what is called a short sale.  Doing a short sale with the bank helps the homeowner avoid a foreclosure.

Rogers Real Estate has successfully worked hundreds of short sale transactions in the past 10 years.  Having the potential buyer lined up helps the homeowner feel comfortable about the process by not having to have a public listing.  Since we are working directly with the bank, the negotiations can take a bit of time.  For those buyers who are willing to wait, we typically see final sale prices under market value.

Rogers Real Estate Team puts together this Notice of Default list every month based on Zip Code.  We would be happy to send this list to you for the areas that you are interested.  If you find a house that you think would meet your needs – let us know and we will start our process with that house.

Call our assistant Amber at 916-771-4291 and she will get you set up today!